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4 New Coaching courses launched by jml Training

jml Training has just released details of their new in-house coaching courses - Coaching Conversations, Coaching Skills for Managers, Coaching and Mentoring Programme (ILM Accredited) and Setting up coaching in-house for your organisation

June 15th 2010

Coaching Conversations the client will be able to pick up tips and tools that enable them to make an immediate shift in how they listen to and talk with people. Managers who want their individual team members to problem solve and to develop more innovative and effective ways of moving forward to improve performance will benefit.

The training will take place in a workshop format. The sessions are practical and focus on the development of motivational conversations that enable employees to empower themselves. There will be three two-hour "Breakfast or Twilight Sessions" conducted over four weeks. In the third week the participants will practice their skills 'for real'. In the fourth week they will bring back their successes and questions to ensure practical application.

At the end of the course the client will:

  • Understanding a coaching approach
  • Coaching techniques to help employees to achieve their goals
  • Ability to generate a confident and 'response-able' approach in others

Coaching Skills for Managers - Offering coaching skills training to managers gives the employer an excellent return on investment. When people are managed in a coaching style the organisation benefits. When a manager is trained to use coaching skills the employer will see the difference.

Those who will benefit will include: Managers who wish to develop the skills and confidence to use a coaching approach in their management role and those who wish to improve the performance of their team and support a learning culture.

This experiential course covers the core skills of coaching and will provide a practical coaching framework to help develop an effective coaching style. The course is divided into five half day modules. Participants will get the opportunity to practice their new skills in coaching practice sessions and receive feedback. They will be encouraged to practice their coaching skills in their workplace between modules.

Coaching and Mentoring Programme (ILM Accredited) - This programme has been designed for those organisations that wish to give accredited training and development to their staff, we offer coaching training that meets the requirements of the ILM. (The Institute of Leadership and Management that is the UK's premier management organisation).

The participant can gain:

  • Comprehensive approach to coaching and coaching skills
  • In-depth knowledge of coaching models
  • Structured time to develop their coaching abilities
  • Practical coaching skills
  • You gain professional recognition for your in-house coaching

This is an interactive course that builds on previous knowledge and situates the learning in the reality of the participants. It combines tutor input with, interactive exercises, co-coaching practice sessions with feedback, facilitator observed coaching session and analysis of process and outcomes. The programme meets theILM Level 5 requirement.

Setting up coaching in-house for your organisation - The course focus is on the development of practical steps to develop project plans and processes for an own organisation. It consists of a one day workshop followed by a half day consultancy with the individual organisations on how to take forward these plans.

The following people will benefit:

  • Training and development managers

  • Those who are responsible for talent management and development strategy

  • Managers who are looking for innovative ways of developing their staff

Gráinne Suter a Director of jml Training and Consultancy said "Coaching is an essential in today's business world. At jml Training we have been offering coaching programmes to clients for a number of years and the benefits have been seen to both individuals and their organisations".


More information about jml Training

jml Training and Consultancy is a specialist training company offering "in-house" training courses to the private and public sector including multi national companies, local government. Universities and councils. It has been established over ten years and apart from providing training services in the UK, its' trainers also train in France, Ireland & worldwide.

The specialist areas include leadership and team development, executive coaching, and management development programmes and diagnostic assessment, diversity and inclusion, customer service training, more information at www.jml-training.com

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