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Constant Changes in Organisations having Negative Impact on Performance

October 18th 2012

Employees are feeling vulnerable and demotivated as organisational changes continue to bite.

Low morale and job uncertainty amongst employees is more and more evident, and a review of recent findings indicates that organisational changes are frequently leaving teams and individuals feeling bruised, less trusting of their managers and less engaged.

Gráinne Suter of jml Training and Consultancy says "where organisational change has been unrelenting, people are struggling to adapt and navigate their way through it and are slower to adapt to the challenges that the change presents"

"I'm just going to keep my head down and get on with my stuff"

"My colleagues and I hear comments such as this regularly" says Grainne; they indicate a lack of trust and little desire to function fully within a team. We know managers and leaders have so much to deal with in periods of fast paced change, but they cannot lose sight of the need to help people move forward and adapt to new relationships and new ways of working, if they want to improve performance and deliver their organisational aims now and in the future."

Gráinne adds, "In our experience successful organisations place great emphasis on the development of team work. They have teams that trust one another, communicate, collaborate, hold one another accountable and keep focused on goals. This gives them a competitive edge."

jml Training and Consultancy have recently launched a new workshop Developing Powerful Teams to the market to help managers build successful team working. It will build understanding and trust, strengthen working relationships and re-energise teams. Delivered in-house, the workshop gives managers and their teams an appreciation of difference and how to use it to best effect, confidence and practical techniques to develop enhanced team working skills.

Using psychometric tools, the workshop will increase participant's self-awareness and awareness of how they impact on others; help them to understand each other's working styles and how to use these differences in a constructive manner to improve team performance. The process of working in a facilitated environment will improve confidence and in turn communication within the team. In addition, participants will develop a shared language to address differences in a productive and open manner.

Since 1997 jml Training and Consultancy has been delivering first class learning and development services. The company was established to provide bespoke learning and development programmes, coaching and consultancy for organisations.

For further information about the Developing Powerful Teams Workshop or other aspects of teamwork and team development contact Grainne Suter on 01494 488787 or email Grainne on grainnesuter@jml-training.com

Remember Good Team Relationships are the source of business success.

For More information about in-house training services from jml Training Training visit http://www.jml-training.com


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