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Employers continue to train their staff despite the downturn of the economy

When economies have to be made why do some organisations immediately think of cutting their training? If there are cutbacks then the standard of staff motivation will go downhill together with productivity.

February 9th 2011

Despite the recession some organisations are recognising that learning plays a vital part in ensuring organisational success.

"It is very gratifying to hear this", says Grainne Suter from jml Training and Consultancy, "as it's very shortsighted to believe that cutting the training budget, even in the short term, won't have a negative effect."

It is also satisfying to hear that organisations are thinking more carefully about meeting their learning and development needs. In the past when training budgets were much more substantial sending individual employees on expensive external courses was a common trend. But lone individuals, no matter how enthusiastic they were after the course, could do little to introduce their learning in the existing culture.

Organisations have also been poor at helping their people translate that learning to improvements in their job." What organisations need to think very carefully about", says Grainne "is how they plan and deliver their learning and development requirement. A shift to in-house training is a very cost effective and efficient way to achieve the learning that plays such a vital role in ensuring organisational success".

Building a relationship with a training company that understands your business, your values and your long term objectives is the best way forward. As the relationship grows the impact of the learning programmes are felt more widely in the organisation. Companies then find that re-skilling their staff and developing their existing expertise delivers the long term efficiency savings and bridges the gaps created by job cuts and downsizing.


More information about jml Training

jml Training and Consultancy is a specialist training company established in 1997 that offers "in-house" training courses to the private and public sector including government departments, local government. universities, colleges, councils and companies - both small & multi-national.

Apart from providing training services in the UK, its' trainers also train internationally. The specialist areas include leadership and team development, executive coaching, management development programmes and diagnostic assessment, diversity and inclusion, customer service training, more information at http://www.jml-training.com

jml Training and Consultancy February 2011


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