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Equality in the boardroom

Lord Davies' review," Women in the Boardroom", which calls for firms to adopt voluntary targets in order to achieve a minimum of 25% female representation on boards by 2015 in the UK was published on the 24th February 2011.

February 28th 2011

"Whilst the Davies Report is reporting on inequality in the boardroom it is important not to lose sight of the level of inequality at other levels in organisations as well", says Gráinne Suter of jml Training and Consultancy.

In both public and private sector representation in senior positions does not reflect a gender balance. But where organisations have put in place the right type of positive action initiatives change happens and those organisations reap benefits.

"Appropriate development, mentoring and coaching activities tailored to the specific needs of women does make a significant difference towards achieving a better gender balance in senior positions", says jml Training and Consultancy's Gráinne Suter

"We know from our work that for some women a lack of self-belief and confidence lowers their expectations of what they can achieve. So often women just don't realise their potential and have not the confidence to put themselves forward for more senior positions, thus leaving the arena wide open for their male colleagues."

Yet the right level of positive action through a development programme that challenges low self-belief and enables women to focus on their strengths, know their own worth and aim high can have a significant and long term impact.

"However, this is only one aspect of the gender imbalance in businesses that currently deprives organisations of the breath of talent and expertise available to them", says Gráinne. "Changing the current organisational culture to one that is more flexible and creative in its approach to work-life balance for all its employees will have a positive effect for both women and men and an immediate impact on their motivation and productivity. It is amazing, she says, the number of businesses who still do not realise that the goodwill and commitment created will give them a sustainable competitive advantage and contribute to the profit margin".

jml Training has been offering equalities and Training Development for Women in house courses for companies and organisations for over ten years and has a great deal of experience in this field.


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