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Are Housing Associations Compliant with the Equality Act Legislation?

February 8th 2011

Housing Associations have not only a legal, but also a service-led and moral obligation to respond to the wide social diversity in contemporary Britain.

Most Housing Associations will have a section in their website stating under Equalities and Diversity that they are committed to ensuring that all their customers have equal access to all their services. They will usually have a section with a list of statements confirming this commitment to Equality.

In practice however, have they prepared fully for the future? A major UK law firm has revealed that 75% of HR professionals surveyed fear that the Equality Act 2010 will lead to an increase in claims.

Over half of employers (57%) have responded to these concerns by implementing training on the Act for managers or staff, or intend to do so. However, nearly a third (29%) had no plans to implement training.

The main provisions of the new Equality Act have been law since the 1st October 2010. The Act brings disability, sex, race and other grounds of discrimination within one piece of legislation, and also makes changes to the law.

jml Training and Consultancy are contacting Housing Associations in England and Wales to offer a first class training course. The company would like to work with Housing associations to help them increase understanding of the practical implications for employers, employees and service providers.

The bespoke course will be very specifically tailored to the individual organisation's needs and will help the association and their employees understand the new provisions of the Act and to understand what is and isn't acceptable behaviour. The course provides lots of opportunity to discuss the changes and how to take them forward in a positive and constructive manner.

The course covers

  • The law covering all the new protected characteristics and what behaviour is and is not acceptable.
  • Identify what stays the same, the changes, extensions and new introductions for example
  • Changes to the definitions of discrimination
  • Harassment and third party harassment and its extension to the other protected characteristics o Victimisation changes
  • The risk of ignoring or seeming to approve inappropriate behaviour and personal liability.
  • How discrimination can affect the way an employer functions and the impact that generalisations, stereotypes, bias, inappropriate language in day-to-day operations can have on people's chances of obtaining work, promotion, recognition and respect and on service delivery.
  • What to do if staff experience harassment or discrimination " Taking a responsible approach as an employee

Ensuring equality and diversity stays as a key organisational priority and does not get squeezed by other demands is essential. To achieve this requires a style of training that ensures the right leadership for equality and diversity, one that can challenge and change values, beliefs and organisational behaviours and develop positive action initiatives. We have rigorously trained experts in experiential culture change work, who are highly facilitative & interactive, and deliver inspirational, enduring and effective results.

Equality training can be an important part of showing that you are preventing discrimination, harassment and victimisation in your organisation.

In 2010 jml Training and Consultancy has been running a very successful programme for a major Housing Association in the south of England. This leading edge "Diversity and Inclusion" Training programme has been very well received and over 140 members of staff plus associates have significantly benefitted from the training.

For More information about Equality Act compliance training visit Equality_Act_2010.htm


More information about jml Training

jml Training and Consultancy is a specialist training company offering "in-house" training courses to local government. universities, councils and companies - both small & multi-national. It has been established over ten years and apart from providing training services in the UK, its' trainers also train in France, Ireland & worldwide.

The specialist areas include leadership and team development, executive coaching, and management development programmes and diagnostic assessment, diversity and inclusion, customer service training, more information at www.jml-training.com

jml Training and Consultancy February 2011

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